my dear diary… (some not-so-old memories)

Portland, OR

I was so proud for the forth time be part of the X crew, this time in Portland. Really amazing the city. I had the opportunity to play tourist and visit some nice places.

My X conferences

BTW, I just collect the photos of all four X conferences that I’ve attended. It’s not much photos but there’s some funny things :)

X on embedded

The cool thing of the work that I’m doing at Nokia is that I can publish and discuss mostly all X fun with the open source communities. “Mostly” because, for the last device – the N-shiny-and-awesome-900 – for instance, the video driver is closed (provided by Imagination), so we cannot comment much regarding such driver stack :( C’est la vie.

So we’ve been using Xorg for our small devices (FWIW the development of kdrive based servers is dead! Period). Therefore, myself and Oliver brought to XDC some discussions that we had about X server for tiny systems. Xorg DDX is still too fat. There’s a lot of code that we can cut off and that was the whole idea of our talk, more concerned about Xorg’s memory footprint.

Life is beautiful

6 months living in Helsinki: hosted 4 visits of friends, 5 new European countries visited and an average of 2 pints per day :) Lot of fun and no time at all for opensource pet projects. Even so, I’m enjoying! Besides, I bought an skate board and I’m speaking the first Finnish words already. I’m happy also that I’m (finally) finding time again to appreciate a good music (but didn’t get a guitar yet for me here). Let’s see what will be my next musical project… Nähdään!

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10 Responses to “my dear diary… (some not-so-old memories)”

  1. Russo Says:

    Congrats old friend. Hope we can bake some meat in the future =P

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  7. monkler Says:

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  8. monkler Says:

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