The conception and the future of multiseat…

…this is the subject of my talk which will be held at FISL (International Free Software Forum)  on this saturday, April 14th. I’ll post the feedbacks here.

5 thoughts on “The conception and the future of multiseat…

  1. Hi Tiago:

    Some time ago I posted an explanation of my own multi-seat. I think there is a lot of interest in this; it’s just hard to do with the current state of technology.

    What is really needed is a simple plug-and-play configurator, something that brings up all of the peripherals including sound, then allows the administrator to play ‘connect the dots’.

    There is no simple, consistent way to tie a screen, a mouse, a keyboard, and a sound card together into a ‘seat’.

    For example, mice have to be handled via udev, but keyboards can be handled via the “phys” option for the evdev driver in the xorg file.

    I have not found a good way to tie an alsa device to a physical terminal.

    So that’s a real barrier to multiseat adoption.

  2. Hi Yan. Our team here in the university already deployed a tool to automatize the assignment of devices (screen + mouse + kbd + usb-something). It’s just a matter of time to do the release to the community. I’m not sure if this is the real barrier…

  3. Yes. The work that has been done by Tiago and the team has been very helpful. When the configurator comes out, it will work great.

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