Realistic :(




5 Responses to “Realistic :(”

  1. Keith Says:


    Grad school is one of my big fears.

  2. vignatti Says:

    Grad school is not so hard. Believe me :)

    All you have to do is to read papers all the time, which is not so cool, specially when you receive a little amount of money (or do *not* receive) to do this (about 10% of the grad students receive money to study here in my university in Brazil).

    So you ended up with this following dilemma: if you read a few number of papers, your supervisor will bother you to read more. If you read a good number of papers, your supervisor will bother you to read even more, because he/she wants a good result (e.g. to publish an article in some good conference).

    Easier than other courses, informatics people have the luck to choose between two ways to follow in the end of the undergrad school: the academic/scientific and the technological. In technological side you (1) are paid worthy, (2) you work less and (3) your work are recognized easier. In the academic, is totally the opposite. I’m on the academic. Don’t know why :)

  3. PO8 Says:

    What is the source of the comic?

  4. vignatti Says:

    Have a good fun :)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    hi, i’m the vignatti’s brother, and i warn u all: REAL grad school (especially PhD) is the most challenging and difficult thing that u do in your life…

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