New blog interface

I like UI and I’m not gay.

Some time ago someone posted a comment, complaining about the white fonts over the dark background in my blog, which makes the read be difficult. The guy teased me, recommending an ironic page where shows how hard is to read texts like this. He was right…

So now I changed wordpress to a totally opposite theme called “White as Milk”. Yay, total white and easy to read now! Let’s see how long I’ll get sick of that interface.

7 thoughts on “New blog interface

      1. So why do you mention it? I think most people assume that you added that sentence for a reason, and the only reason i can think of is that the sentence “I like UI” would imply “I’m gay”.

  1. I’m not sure I prefer black-on-white – we do it on paper, but paper doesn’t actually emit a strong, bright, white light like a screen does. white-on-black -or the way I prefer my terminals- grey-on-black seems a lot easier on the eyes to me…

  2. Now all that’s needed is for the theme not to be artificially limited to using only half of the available width. Mankind did not invent the widescreen monitor because having huge empty bits of colour is pleasing to the eye.

    – Chris

    1. I think I disagree with you.

      Our eyes feel more comfortable to read a text which has limited amount of characters in each line. For instance, Latex texts constrain the widget of the text due this.

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