Attracting reviewers in your patch series

Usually faster the number of commits, faster the development process. But development without strict reviewing doesn’t guarantee quality on the code. Unfortunately, rarely you will see people willing or even just being able to review the changes you are proposing. Attract reviewers is hard!

The art of writing a good patch series is all about to attract reviewers.

Proof is omitted due to lack of space. Sorry ;)

I’d start to write a post about how to write a nice commit message and patch series, so I could use as a future reference for you.

( Note I’m not judging that you are often writing patches wrongly. I’m just trying let you aware that you can do it much better so your changes can go smoothly in the project. )

However a quick search showed that Peter already did a nice post about it. Please take a look there. I recommend (signed-off-by)!

2 thoughts on “Attracting reviewers in your patch series

  1. I think the art of writing a patch series is also about making bisection easy when the inevitable bug shows up later.

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