One thought on “contacts

  1. My web page illustrates initializing a secondary PCI video adapter to MDA mode for a debugging monitor in real mode under MSDOS.

    My method is hardware dependent so I have had to write versions for specific motherboard chip sets so as to be able to write to C000:0000 for initializing the secondary video card.

    I noticed that Edubuntu 10.10 has a device called vga_arbiter. I am guessing that you have solved the problem that I solved in a more general way, so am eager to learn of the assembly language API for vga_arbiter so that I can initialize that secondary PCI card to MDA memory and IO addresses so that my debugger in a DOS emulator under Ubuntu, can write directly to the MDA frame buffer at B000:0000 and store and update the cursor position in the standard MDA register for this.

    I have also installed C3SL’s mdm. When will this also start using your vga_arbiter?

    Lawrence E. Boothby, Portland, Oregon, USA

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