About me

(Hvar Island, Croatia. 2011)

This is a geek blog where I use as diary (doh!) for writing about my involvement with the open-source projects I’ve been toying. There are quite many personal statements so it’s important to make it clear that although the material produced is by being sponsored by the companies I’ve been working, the content I write is purely my own view, therefore by any change *not* the employers’. Thanks for understanding.

Before start to work at Intel (05-2011), I was at Nokia (06-2009 to 05-2011), and before that I was following an academic life where I had the pleasure to research within the distributed systems area. It was a really nice and good experience — I can point this and this papers if you are interested… which by the way, they link to my awesome brother, André, who is an academic in computers.

If you have any suggestions, doubts or other ideas to share, I’ll be very happy to talk with you (and if the time permits). So just drop me a message. Have fun with the blog!


4 Responses to “About me”

  1. Romeo Says:

    hi, can you help me? i have some questions about X server event queue management. please mail me, if you can.

  2. Shiv Says:

    Hi Tiago, I need to develop a mouse driver for a pen device. I am using the basic code from the “random” device example.
    When I move the mouse I don’t see any event but when I touch any Key on Keyboard I can see the mouse move! Also I cannot get it to focus on any Window or see the ButtonClick events. Please let me know what could be the problem.


  3. Michel Says:

    Hello from France,

    I am trying to install a recent Linux distribution (Mandriva 2010) on a dual graphic card configuration (2xATI Radeon 7000). It just does not work, while it used to with Mandriva releases up to 2008 (what I currently play with).
    Do you have an idea of a workaround ? (I have no problem with editing xorg.conf by hand).

    Many thanks in advance.

  4. Jean Rafael Chagas Says:

    Olá, sou do Rio Grande do Sul, queria uma ajuda sua, gostaria de saber mais a respeito sobre as configurações de um computador para varios monitores, no sistema Windoes Xp.
    me adiciona no meu msn rafaelallonsso@hotmail.com

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