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Short blog post from Madrid's bus

This post was inspired by “Short blog post from Madrid’s hotel room” from my colleague Frédéric Wang. You should really check his post instead! To Fred: thanks for the feedback and review here. I’m in for football in the next Summit, alright? :-) This week, I finally went to A Coruña for the Web Engines Hackfest and internal company meetings. These were my first on-site events since the COVID-19 pandemic. After two years of non-super-exciting virtual conferences I was so glad to finally be able to meet with colleagues and other people from the Web.

My Startup Dream

Prototyping At the beginning of 2016, myself, Tuomas and João drafted out a skateboard business in Brazil. João, blasé about his electrical engineering endeavours, desperately wanted to practice skydiving and live abroad. He was down to whatever to accomplish his goals, and so he was alright with the much lower endorphin that skateboarding was proving also. That was great, because besides being a great and funny friend, he was also a truly handyman, and we needed that kind of person in our business.

Stars Aligned

In the midst of the worst health crisis, disturbing patriotism doctrines and a myriad of digital vices that became the gateway to the respect and love that we all crave, my brother recently gave us fulfilling reasons to celebrate The Great Life. Although the picture below is by itself mesmerizing, that unique moment captured requires a deeper explanation. What you’re seeing is myself and Marianna marrying André, un chevalier parfait, and Francine, la bella.


This is Praia do Quilombo, city of Penha, Santa Catarina.

Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest. It’s a cool step forward, no doubt: an all-in-one headset, with touch controllers, inside-out 6DOF tracking, no sensors, no wires, headphones and so on. Neat! I can’t wait to put my hands on it… but, there’s a but: “It runs rift quality experiences”, that’s Zuckerberg’s words. And they’re twice wrong. Rift device runs tethered to a PC, which is a x86 architecture based machine. The Quest will be running on a Snapdragon 8xx processor, which is a mobile processor, SoC architecture.

Chromium Ozone-GBM explained

I’ve wrote an article about the new graphics platform for Chromium called Ozone-GBM. I particularly think that Ozone-GBM will play an important role next in Chromium and Linux graphics communities in general. I hope you enjoy the read :) Please share it. https://software.intel.com/content/www/us/en/develop/blogs/chromium-ozone-gbm-explained.html