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X characterization for MeeGo

Actually this is not a big news but it’s nice to see on practice X being used on the advanced age :) Here I’ve played with some UI configuration settings, browsed for while, toyed with facebook, opened some photos in the viewer and etc, all for about 5 minutes: x-meego-Apr2011 and zooming in the X11 core slice we have: x-meego-x11only-Apr2011 Moral of the story: as showed on the last figure, most of the traffic from the core protocol is related with window management, window state changes and notifications of positioning for clients.

X Census (for 1.10)

Following is the census of 1.10 window for all X infrastructure - raw numbers here. I did it in a similar way as the previous version. Worth to mention that there’s almost no relation between the cycles of development from each of the components listed below, which can lead to some misunderstanding. Anyway, still a nice indicative to see and evaluate how the free desktop community behaved. Numbers for X implementation (xserver, proto, lib and xcb repositories):

X.Org Foundation elections

I am a candidate for the elections 2011 of the board of directors :) Following are my answers based on the questionnaire formulated by the members. You can check other candidates answers here. 1) In the last year, the membership gained a lot more insight in the activities of the board. What is your opinion on this new-gained transparency? Do you** see options for improvement?** What happened in the recent past when people started to demand logs and open meetings from X.

late Christmas gift: freedesktop's Xorg for MeeGo

Moikka. If you follow here [0] you will see a set of Debian packages that Graphics team at Nokia are continuously working to deploy a X11 implementation for MeeGo-Harmattan, where we target embedded systems only. Feel free to use it! At this point, we are very proud of ourselves because 99% of the content on these repositories are based on the ones at X main-stream of development. IWO we are directly fetching the X code-base from freedesktop.

X Census (for 1.9)

Topic’s name is a funny (and friendly) devotion to GNOME Census. So let’s take a look at some numbers from the time Xorg 1.9 was in development - raw data is here. Would be unfair to measure only the work that happened e.g. in X server or in the drivers being developed and come up with the statistics about “who developed X”. X and X development community are quite extensive and don’t concern only “graphics” related, i.