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X Address Translation

MPX brought to us a new idea of multiseat system. Xat is an application that serves as an intermediary between the X clients and a multiheaded X server. Xat deceives its clients which have the impression that the server has only one head. The objective is that each head behaves like several distinct X servers. We can imagine a scenario where we have a xserver on display :1 with four screens (:1.

Multiseat state on Linux

For some reason multiseat doesn’t call much attention in countries that are not of the third world. I can be radical, but in my humble opinion there is no reason to not apply this model of computation in certain types of environment (I’m talking about kiosks, Internet cafe, office, schools, etc). The money saved is enormous, and this is only one of the advantages that I am enumerating here. There are a lot of solutions of multiseat and I like to separate it on two groups: (a) the hardware dependent and (b) hardware independent.

Hello world!

This is my first post and even my first blog. Well, the blog’s intention is to bring in evidence my interests about linux (and maybe music).