X Address Translation


MPX brought to us a new idea of multiseat system.

Xat is an application that serves as an intermediary between the X clients and a multiheaded X server. Xat deceives its clients which have the impression that the server has only one head. The objective is that each head behaves like several distinct X servers. We can imagine a scenario where we have a xserver on display :1 with four screens (:1.0, :1.1, :1.2 and :1.3). After Xat being connected we have four displays (:2, :3, :4 and :5) and just one screen per display.

Today, we are releasing Xat to the public. The program still is a proof of concept and needs feedback from the community so that it can succeed. Perhaps in the future this application can be incorporated in the next releases.

The 0.1.0 release is available at:

There are some nice screenshots here:

The documentation can be found on

So, please let us know what you think.

Thank you,

C3SL team