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Parallel events (panic) with X

Unfortunately that model which I described some weeks ago to put the input event delivery of the X server in a separate thread wouldn’t be an advantage. I precipitated myself thinking that it could be feasible. Sorry :( I started to implement all this but it showed a very boring task to grab all the globals variables which both threads touch and to lock it. So I decided to stop going in this way.

Priorities and scheduling hints for X server threads

Input events routed through another thread/process can have bad effects on latency because we can’t guarantee that it will get scheduled at the right moment. Although this is hard to see happening with the current X server threaded implementation, we must design something to avoid it. One way to improve the responsiveness is to give a high priority to the input thread and also adjust the CPU scheduling. (Note that this will not avoid problems related with page faults which usually happen in the X input flow.

keep it going...

Given that GSoC ‘08 is getting close to the end, strategy number 2 showed more feasible to proceed my work. Strategy #3 would be a lot of fun but would imply a hell massive codification as well (also a little out of our scope). Unfortunately no-no for now.

Improving input latency

GSoC summary #1 - July 29 The current implementation of X Window System relies in a signal scheme to manage the input event coming from hardware devices. This scheme frequently get blocked when lot of IO is occurring (for instance, when the process is swapping in/out). Get blocked means for instance a jumping cursor on the screen and in GUI is always desirable to prioritize the system responsiveness for end users.

cursor handling and updates inside DRM

The current DRM kernel modesetting tree is already taking care to update the cursor registers and paint it to the screen. Very cool [0]. What I’ve done today is a shortcut between the kernel input layer and DRM to update the cursor directly on screen without the X server be notified always. Of course, a lot of issues raised up together. So let’s try to delegates the tasks again. userspace app (X server):

to thread the X server (?)

I really don’t like to read large blog posts. Anyway… What I did so far is a separated thread that takes care only the injection stage on the X server queue. Who is interested with the results, please read some past posts in my blog. It is currently in a very good shape (synced with post-mpx merge, all input devices are inside the thread and etc). The implementation looks like this: thread #1 deals with - injection of input events from devices thread #2 deals with - processing of input events to clients - requests from known clients (rendering things) - new client that tries to connect (pretty easy to do)